Become A Brand Ambassador

  • Are you a self-driven, enthusiastic, outgoing, and creative person? then you might be the perfect Prvlge Collection Brand Ambassador.

Special Offers

Possibilities for Special Offers

  • Birthday discounts 
  • Holiday gifts 
  • Pre-release items 
  • Early access to sales

Chance to Be Featured

Possibilities for Featuring Ambassadors

  • Brand website
  • Social media
  • Brand emails


Sponsorship Possibilities

  • Financial sponsorship
  • Promotional products
  • In-kind good and services
  • Media features
  • Competitions, tournaments, games
  • Support for ambassadors’ charities

New and Exclusive Products

New and Exclusive Product Possibilities 

  • Product launch - ambassadors use new items and share with their communities creating buzz
  • Links and discount codes to promote new and exclusive products
  • Signature product
  • Limited supply items

Insider Access and Product Development

Care about new products. Want to ensure we keep creating great things that benefit consumers. 


If you have any questions about anything or you'd like to inquire about, feel to email us directly at

We look forward to working with you!