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From All-Purpose Seasonings and BBQ Rubs to One-of-a-kind specialty blends, we're your one stop shop for everything flavor.

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  • Keeping It Fresh!

    No need for boring seaonings. Explore our one of a kind flavors.

  • Ingredients

    Providing the highest quality ingredients is our top priority.

  • Share Your Meals

    Post your meals with the hashtag #PrvlgeSpices for your chance to be featured.

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Frequently asked questions

What Should I Use The Blend On?

We believe theres no limits in which each blend can be used. Explore each flavor and unlock new ways to use old recipes

How Often Can We Expect New Flavors?

1 New blend every 3 months.

Are The Blends Vegan-Friendly?

Yes ! we offer a wide variety of vegan-friendly blends.

Can We Suggest A New Flavor

Absolutely! we're always interested in getting suggestions for new flavors. Send your request to