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I’ve ordered from this company 3 times, and now I’m a customer for LIFE! The customer service is excellent, fast shipping and the seasonings are AMAZING! I tend to have a heavy hand when seasoning food, and at times I add too much or too little seasoning. With the Prvlge Collection seasonings, I no longer have to worry. More Flavor and less salt!

Annmarique Martin

You wont believe me until you try it.....COMPLIMENTS MEAT WELL.....

April Hampton

I highly recommend the Prvlge Collection seasonings for their great flavor,texture and low sodium content. I use a variety of seasonings on my meat and it always gives a good flavor and sticks well when grilling

Steven Jones

I received my order today…. They did not come to play‼️‼️‼️ The packaging is everything and you can see the herb spice blends through the glass bottles. I'm ready to use these!!!

Krystal R. McGee

OMG! the sweet chipotle habanero is a HIT! on broiled fresh caught snapper I'm HOOKED!!

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