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Citrus Hibiscus 8. oz

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The first taste from this rub is sweet tangerine and sour hibiscus, which scoots right around the tip of the tongue and before being held aloft by coriander’s citrus boost and ginger’s spark of heat and lemon. The deeper, raisin-like fruit of Sandia chile pepper holds down the low notes with earthy cumin, maintaining a solid middle ground. The flavor pendulum eventually swings to the opposite of sweet and tart as the flavor of strong, aromatic garlic rises amid the peppery heat, which has some staying power once it hits the back of the throat. Though there is some heat this is definitely not considered a spicy blend

(Salt - Free)



Hibiscus tea, tangerine peel, garlic, Hatch New Mexico green chili powder, coriander, black pepper, ginger and cumin

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